Our goal is to create and facilitate moments, events and inspiration for a healthy future
wherever we end up. We support this goal with the sales of end products which are made,
modified, and created by people in recovery from addictions and substance use disorders.

Kut-Up Fitwear materialized in 2013 and was Inspired by Travis "The Featherhawk"
Snyder's recovery from Substance Use Disorder.  Kut-Up Fitwear is a Fitness Lifestyle
Apparel Brand that serves as a catalyst for inspiring strength through fitness. We are centered
around community, health, well-being and of course - style and fashion.

A patriotic apparel brand dedicated to equipping individuals and organizations who are
on the front-lines helping their communities recover.

1104 West Main Street
|Valley View, PA 17983
email: travis@thefeatherhawk.com